Dork Dave and The Dirty Trick (2015)

Dave is a dork and he has to save the stupid princess. Dork Dave is a platformer game for Commodore16 machines.

Tested : VICE 2.4 (PAL/NTSC) and real C16+extra mem (PAL). The game works without extra mem.

Release date : 19.10.2015

Video : youtube

Download : C16 D64

Download (bug fix) build2 : C16 D64

Download (bug fix 2018) build3 : C16 D64

dork dave casette


Pixelor (German)

K&A Plus Issue 3 Oh, that Mika! Once again he brings us a fun little new game.

RetroGamer Issue 151 Easily frustrated gamers should consider looking elsewhere, but it's quite enjoyable for those who want a challenge 7 / 10

Commodore Free issue 91
7/10 Another Misfit game, Weeeeee... Nice inertia and physics on the main character, some nice features, but the game needs a nice description and some instructions, nice game but not one of Misfit's best!

K&A Plus Issue 4 Generally, my impression is that the game looks NES – like