Pentagorat (2016)

An isometric adventure for Commodore VIC-20 ( +32k extra memory ) home computer.

You wake up and you cannot remember where you are.. you are a prisoner of the castle of Pentagorat.

Tested : VICE (PAL/NTSC) and real VIC-20 + extra mem (PAL)

Release date : 18.12.2016

Video : youtube

Download :

Buy tape: The Future Was 8 Bit

pentagorat Christmas is a great time for gamers as game makers publish many games around this time for people to play over the holidays... (interview) Yksi merkittävimmistä VIC-20-harrastajista tulee Suomesta! Turbovisio tavoitti hiljattain Pentagorat-pelin VIC-20-tietokoneelle julkaisseen Mika ”Misfit” Keräsen.

Shahid Kamal Ahmad @shahidkamal (Dec 24, twitter) @spencertronic @futurewas8bit wait, do people still buy 8-bit games today?!?

K&A Plus Issue 7 I can recommend Pentagorat to those who like to traverse castles and evade enemies. Just be warned about the controls and lack of sound.